Twitter Projects

GeoSciTweeps – This is a rotation curation account, where a new earth scientist takes over every week to speak about their work and research. I’m the founder and admin of this project since launch, in mid 2016. Website:

NewSpace India – This is a project that brings together a network of satellite and space professionals in India. On Twitter, I co-curate the account with two others and tweet out content relevant to space science and tech development in India. Website: Slack:

#SpaceGrains – For the Indian GLXP team, TeamIndus, I write a weekly tweet-thread about a certain topic related to astronomy and space. These are storified here:

Has Parliament Adjourned Yet – The average Indian is often bewildered by the proceedings in the Indian parliamentary sessions, failing to understand the reason for frequent ruckus and adjournment. I started this website as a joke to alert if the parliament has been adjourned or not, but upon discovering others who wanted to keep the public informed and disseminate information about our Constitution, the four of us expanded the website and the Twitter account to provide live as well as static info. Proceedings and website info are updated by all five of us involved. Website: 

Chennai Rains – When the coastal city of Chennai was struck by severe rains, a number of us came together to people’s aid through a Twitter account, multiple hashtags, a website, spreadsheets, and more. Volunteers worked day and night to ensure a 24×7 coverage to those affected, and nearly 200 people were involved in the rescue operations. Luckily, our work benefited countless people. Website: