I am a science communicator based in Bangalore, India. I’m currently the science editor for ThePrint. I am passionate about space, astronomy, and earth and planetary science. I have been published as a freelancer in The Wire, The News Minute, Lateral Mag, Planetary Society, and more. I use social media for outreach and community building.

I have been an editor as HasGeek, a discussion space for tech, policy, and fitness folks to come together. I was also previously involved in outreach and scicomm through social media and writing the science blog for TeamIndus, India’s first private mission to the moon under the Google Lunar XPRIZE.


Twitter: twitter.com/sandygrains

Quora: quora.com/profile/Sandhya-Ramesh

Medium: medium.com/@sandygrains

My new science blog: sandhya.space

Personal blog: www.sandrova.com